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Presentation: Give your Apps a Personal Touch with Cognitive Services

Apps can be pretty dull and only provide you with some static information. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your phone had eyes, ears and can learn from it’s context around you? Siri, Google Now and Cortana are great assistants but have their limits. How can you give your apps a more personal touch in order to give your end-user a better app experience?

Tap into the power of machine learning from the Microsoft Cognitive Services in order to give your apps a human side. See how apps can recognize faces, emotions, speech and dig into several forms of knowledge. This will give your apps a personal touch and the best part is that it’s incredible easy to use!

This was one session that I presented at TechDaysNL. During this session I’ll dive into the different available options from the Microsoft Cognitive Services, as well as giving a hands-on demo on how to integrate this in a mobile app built with Xamarin. The sample code can be found on Github. This presentation was originally in Dutch presented at dotNedSaturday, but is now presented in English. Enjoy!


I hope you liked the presentation and managed to get inspired. Tell me what you think through Twitter!

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