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[Dutch] Presentation: Make your app smarter with Microsoft Cognitive Services

As an introduction, I’ve written already several articles here about the Microsoft Cognitive Services. By combining the power of machine learning and Xamarin, you’re able to make your apps smarter and more personal just like I showed before. All of this led up to a presentation that was given at dotNedSaturday, organised by dotNed, the largest .NET User Group from the Netherlands.

This presentation will dive into the power of Microsoft Cognitive Services in combination with Xamarin build apps for your phone. By doing this, apps can be made a lot smarter since you’ll be able to tap into machine learning with ease. Apps can be a lot more personal as well, as if it’s your assistant that’ll be more than just Siri/Cortana/Google Now. All of that in a full cross-platform mobile fashion using Xamarin.

During this session I’ll dive into the different available options from the Microsoft Cognitive Services, as well as giving a hands-on demo on how to integrate this in a mobile app. The sample code can be found on Github. Take note the presentation itself is in Dutch, the slides are English. Enjoy!


I hope you liked the presentation and managed to get inspired. Tell me what you think through Twitter!

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