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Presentation: Weaving Cognitive and Azure Services

Chatbots are becoming a more common way to navigate a user through an application. The Microsoft Bot Framework allows you to build those kind of chatbots, host them in Azure and integrate them with ease in chatapplications like Slack and Facebook Messenger. Do the applications of the future have no need for an UI at all and is conversational UI all you need?

The number of Microsoft Cognitive Services keeps on growing. Train the AI from Cognitive Sevices (like LUIS for language understanding, Custom Vison API for images, Text Analytics API for text etc.) the right way to make your chat application even smarter, making it feel like as if you’re talking to an actual human. The conversation will be a lot more personal this way. By the end of the session we’ll have a demo that weaves all of these technologies together!

This was one session that I presented at TechDaysNL. During this session I’ll dive into the Bot Framework in combination with the Microsoft Cognitive Services, as well as giving a hands-on demo. The sample code can be found on Github.


I hope you liked the presentation and managed to get inspired. Look around on this blog to learn more about bots or cognitive services. Tell me what you think through Twitter!

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