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Presentation: Turn specs into high quality apps [NDC Oslo]

A while ago, I shared my presentation called “Turn specs into high quality apps” presented at the DevDayBE-conference. I’ve upgraded my talk with a great story as well as improved the overall presentation and held it at NDC Oslo. Today, I want to share the recording of that presentation. I’ve written already several articles here about ATDD/BDD with Specflow and Xamarin.

During the presentation we’ll discuss the Three Amigo’s, how specifications are written using Gherkin and can be automated with Specflow and Xamarin.UITest. Will our hero Steve manage to get his beloved recipe for Red Velvet cake shared with the world? Let’s find out!

The sample code can be found on Github. Enjoy!


I hope you liked the presentation and managed to get inspired. Look around on this blog to learn more about testing or Xamarin. Tell me what you think through Twitter or leave a comment below!

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