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[Dutch] Presentation: PechaKucha – “Siri, start presentation ‘HomeKit'”

WWDC 2015 took place already a couple of weeks ago, and during the keynote a couple of slides were dedicated to HomeKit. It was already announced during WWDC 2014, so I was wondering where it would be today. This presentation dives into the programming model of HomeKit, as well as how it works and how it can help you.

I was pleasantly surprised with the whole HomeKit model, especially that Apple added WatchKit support. Simply unlock your house with your watch, how cool is that! Event Triggers are extremely useful, adding IFTTT functionality to HomeKit. Sadly, not many hardware is available that is compatible with HomeKit, but the numbers are growing.

The presentation is given in a PechaKucha format. This simply means it’s a short presentation (total of 20 slides, who are each 20 seconds visible) giving it a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The presentation was held at InfoSupport, with loads of other PechaKucha presentations about IoT. Take note the presentation itself is in Dutch, the slides are English.


I hope you liked the presentation (format) and learned something about HomeKit.

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