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Marcofolio.net vNext

Last May, Marcofolio.net turned 10 years old. Although I’m not blogging as frequently anymore as back when I started,
I’m still dedicated to share my passion and inspire my readers. That’s why I’m bringing you Marcofolio.net vNext, a complete overhaul and redesign of my blog. I decided to go for a minimal & clean theme to keep focus on the most important thing: the content.

I decided to focus this blog on development, split in different categories like Xamarin, Cognitive Services and Web Development. You’ll find all other categories on the top of this page.

The logo

The new logo is inspired by lines of code

I’m especially happy with the new logo, proudly showing off at the top of this site. The new logo is inspired by lines of code and has been created with my brother Auke from Rocket Media. My previous logo looked a little bit like a fidget spinner so I’m totally excited to share you my vNext logo.

The old

The last redesign of Marcofolio.net was from 2009 and could really use a 2017-update. My old blog was running on Joomla!, but moving forward I decided to switch to WordPress. I’ve moved over a couple of unique articles related to coding to clean up the content, but you’re still able to visit the old website. Simply head over to old.marcofolio.net to take a glimpse at the past. If you had any bookmarks, everything should still work!

Your thoughts

Anything you want to see different? Stuff that’s not working? Let me know what you think in the comments or on Twitter! I’m now even more motivated to deliver high quality development articles, so expect them soon. Feel free to subscribe to the feed to make sure you won’t miss out!

1 comments On Marcofolio.net vNext

  • Such a difference! I remember the old site well! This is definitely ‘clean’. It’s as though we have grown up! Arghh!! LOL
    Seriously, this looks great! And, it is simple to use!
    As always, wish you well!
    Thank you!

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